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Add to that celebrities' กระเป๋า CHARLES & KEITH ของแท้ frequent, public comments about the procedures they've had done and it can feel like Everybody's Doing It. We're also expected, Conason points out, to have the time, motivation and willpower to "get back" to where we were before pregnancy. So it's no wonder that many women think that their bodies after pregnancy and delivery aren't their "real" bodies, but rather something that they'll eventually transform or leave behind. That's what stylist Michelle Addison of Vancouver, British Columbia, hears from many of her clients who are mothers. "Ninety-nine percent of my customers tell me almost immediately that they're not at their goal weight," Addison says. "And every woman points out her flaws like 'Oh, it's my arms,' or 'I don't like my stomach.'" But Addison wants to help women look good and feel good about their appearance as it is right now. She starts by trying to change women's perceptions about themselves. After that, she zeros in on her client's fashion preferences and daily activities. Then she recommends clothes, often inspired by current high fashion looks but more wearable and in more practical fabrics, that they will feel good in. Roxanne Carne, a personal stylist in Arlington, Virginia, has a similar goal and process. "Women are often their own worst enemies," Carne says.

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