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The Court of Milan stands by the Falabella bag of Stella McCartney BlogIPT Italy Blog

Furthermore, Imax claimed that the plaintiff’s designs were invalid, as their main features were already present in the market (namely, the chain belt was used in several models of Chanel and the trapezoidal shape was included in earlier registered designs). Plaintiff argued that its designs were provided with individual character thanks to the “trapezoidal shape, the odd chain strap following the exterior flap of the bag and the eye-catching stitching”. On the contrary, Stella McCartney stated that the Chanel bags quoted by the defendant have a rectangular shape and their chain straps were fixed either to the body of the bag or to the external closures. The Court of Milan held that the plaintiff’s designs are valid. In particular, the “Falabella” bag is new with respect to Chanel’s models, taking into account its different shape, size and ornament. As to the earlier designs referred by Imax, albeit including a trapezoidal shape, they also presented significant differences (i.e. there was no chain handle running through the profile of the bag). Consequently, the defendant has reproduced all the main individual features of the Falabella designs, namely, the chain handles, the trapezoidal shape and the stitching. Furthermore, the defendant was found to dilute the world-famous trademark “Stella McCartney”, as it presented its products as “Mod. Stella McCartney”. In addition, the Court of Milan ruled in favour of plaintiff also on unfair competition, stating that a significantly lower price of the bags at issue caused a serious harm to the reputation of Stella McCartney.

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First look at Primarks gorgeous new Autumn/Winter line with party dresses for 12 and flowery boots that are 70 cheaper than Doc Martens

Black dress – £12, pink dress – £13, shoes – £16, bracelet – £2, tights – £2.50 First look at Primark’s gorgeous new Autumn/Winter line… with party dresses for £12 and flowery boots that are £70 cheaper than Doc Martens The high-street store is launching some beautiful pieces in July Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) PRIMARK has just unveiled their stunning Autumn/Winter collection – and it’s bound to send shoppers into a frenzy. The fashion retailer is set to roll-out a variety of goodies at the end of July, including budget-friendly party dresses and smart suits. Black dress – £12, pink dress – £13, shoes – £16, bracelet – £2, tights – £2.50 The Sun Online has gained an exclusive peek at the exciting AW17 collection and the full look book can be browsed on the official Primark website tomorrow. One of the most highly-coveted items is set to be these stunning floral boots, which are £70 cheaper than Dr Martens’ sell-out pair. All of the flower-print pieces have been updated for the colder months as they’ve been given a vampier feel. Doc Marten have flogged these sell-out boots for £90… but you can get a similar Primark pair at a fraction of the price The floral boots are perfect for Autumn/Winter and cost just £20 Coat – £30, jumper – £13, trousers – £15, กระเป๋าสะพายหลัง ผู้หญิง ราคาถูก 200 shoes – £8, earrings – £4 Dress -£13, bag – £9, shoes – £12, earrings – £5, tights – £3 Dress – £13, hat – £4, tights -£3, shoes – £16 The collection is also bursting with bright colours, metallics, pleather, chunky knits and embroidered details. Other key items include bedazzled bags, sparkling jewellery and faux-fur lined coats. A spokesperson from Primark said: “This season at Primark we celebrate individuality, inclusivity and timeless กระเป๋าสตางค์ ผู้ชาย ราคาถูก พร้อมส่ง fun.

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