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Where does taking back control leave our local shops? In cloud cuckoo land

More often, it was said to be home to the followers of those political and social movements that believed humanity was morally improvable. Aristophanes coined the phrase in his comedy The Birds, first performed at a festival in 414BC, in which a couple of midlife-crisis Athenians decide, for complicated and fantastical reasons, to persuade the local bird population to build a city in the sky. What to call it? A couple of names are rejected until the chorus leader suggests that it should reflect its airy situation. And so the cleverer of the Athenians devises Nephelokokkygia, straightforwardly, out of components of the classical Greek for cloud + cuckoo + land, which received its early English translation as “cuckoo cloud land” in Henry F Cary’s edition of 1824. By the 20th century, and now with its parts in the familiar order, it had become a chiding phrase for daydreaming children. Chrissie Harper, now 77, grew up with a stepfather, a retired sea captain, who said it to her often in their house in the Surrey town of Camberley. “I don’t know where your mind is half the time,” he would say. “You’re living in cloud cuckoo land. Why don’t you concentrate?” Did this reprimand have any effect?

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